Partner Facility Inquiry Form

Ring a Doctor collaborates with quality medical facilities including pharmacies, hospitals, diagnostic centers, and clinics etc. in order to offer discounted services to patients which in turn ensures that our partner facilities benefit from the large volume of Ring a Doctor users.
The first step to become a Ring a Doctor partner you have to fill the form below which would hardly take 2 to 3 minutes. Its better to fill all the fields in the form below however if you are not clear about certain things you may just fill the mandatory fields.
Following it our Relationship Manager will get in touch with you within 24 hours who, after validating the information provided, will complete the remaining registration process on your behalf. We advise to fill out the information below as accurately as possible.
Here we also want to assure you that the privacy of information provided is crucial to us. As such, the information is stored on encrypted servers and is not shared with any third party. The information you provide below is for administrative purposes only.

The fields with (*) are mandatory.