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Lack of healthcare facilities, or proper medical advice can
lead to poor life expectancy. With Ring a Doctor, save
lives around the world - Sponsor an Outreach Clinic

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Ring a Doctor non-profit accounts are designed for philanthropists, governments and donor agencies anywhere in the world. Using our technology, you can provide the most cost-effective medical consultation, advice, or health awareness in an area of your choosing. Usually we encourage establishment of these clinics in remote areas where availability of a doctor around the clock is difficult to ensure. For the purpose, a telehealth center can be established in a pharmacy, an existing clinic, or it can even be built from scratch.

The process is as simple as you choosing an area and the population to be served. Upon submitting relevant information, Ring a Doctor works out the operations of the establishment. The operations can range from complete management by Ring a Doctor teams like a turnkey solution or otherwise providing you our technology and appointing your own set of Doctors and medics. Ring a Doctor is currently covering many such remote areas through its own resources. You may consider supporting our existing programs in remote and low-resource settings. You can either sponsor a specific telehealth center or otherwise donate to the pool.

Become a part of the Outreach Program and along with us reach out to millions of people who have on access to proper healthcare. For details please fill the Inquiry Form.