Ring a Doctor is an online audio/video consultation platform that allows real-time interaction between a doctor and patient. Ring a Doctor aims to provide virtual healthcare focusing on convenience and comfort. It is the future of healthcare and obviates barriers to efficiency and access.

using ring a doctor

Ring a Doctor is not just a platform. It is a mean to revolutionize healthcare industry.

  • Patients can receive treatment for several common ailments on the go

  • Corporations can enroll in any of our several subscription plans to make healthcare cost-efficient and convenient.

  • Become our partner to make life easier for patients by offering discounts and promotions on medicine and healthcare services

  • Become a sponsor/donor for Ring a Doctor Outreach Program and offer healthcare services by means of either a mobile unit or stationary clinic.

  • Hire doctors and nurses for homecare for as long as you want

  • Public Service departments can get in touch to utilize Ring a Doctor platform to offer consultation services at a grander scale countrywide.


Lack of access to convenient healthcare is a growing problem across the world. To see a capable physician, one may have to wait weeks at a time. To see your average General Physician, the waiting time can extend to hours. The time frame to see a psychiatrist is even longer. These inconveniences result in one ignoring healthcare. We at Ring a Doctor understand that patients are not getting the care they need and we are here to change that.

We make it our mission to accomplish this with uncompromised quality and variety of services. At Ring a Doctor, our Doctors undergo a thorough screening before they are inducted into our problem so we can offer the best consultations regarding your health. Our Doctors are professional, and as such are capable of treating any medical problem.