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Ring a Doctor is an online audio/video consultation platform that allows real-time interaction between a doctor and patient at the touch of a button, from around the world, 24/7.

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Why Ring A Doctor?

• We offer comfortable and convenient 24/7 healthcare

• We save your time - No waiting room, No road travel

• We offer a vast variety of Doctors to choose from

• Ring a Doctor is cheaper than the average ER visit. It's even cheaper with our Prepaid Packages

• Avail services 'on the go' or sign up for subscription plans

• Registration is free


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At Ring a Doctor we believe in providing quality services. We entrust this belief to the competent Doctors in our arsenal. Coupled with quality control measures in place at Ring a Doctor, patients are not only satisfied, but happy too, and they are very expressive about it.

"I was waiting for a telehealth service to launch in Pakistan. It seems to be a good initiative. Hoping for success. Good Luck!"

Amjad Qureshi, Lahore, Pakistan

"Good to see innovative ideas for promoting quality healthcare in Pakistan. More projects such as this should be introduced. God Bless."

Hina Mumtaz, Karachi, Pakistan