Create Your Online Clinic Account

Thank you for taking the initiative to open your Online Clinic at Ring a Doctor network. To ensure reliability and credibility, online clinic registration has 6 critical steps for doctors.

The first step is to fill the form below and have your mobile phone number verified. Following this you would receive an email with a link that would take you to the next steps of registration where you may follow either of the following paths:

1. Contact our relationship manager who can guide you through the process or even enter the data on your behalf and can also answer any queries that you may have.

2. Enter your professional information yourself. It would take about 10 minutes. Please remember complete and correct information is of utmost importance for validating your credentials before coming online to see Ring a Doctor patients.

We want to assure you that the privacy of your information is critical for us. Only your name, profile picture, specialty, qualifications and brief professional summary are public information. All other information including your email, contact numbers, address and professional registration numbers are private and secure. At any point, if you need assistance or need clarification, do Contact Us.

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